Can You Remodel At The Same Time As Getting Water Damage Repaired?

Should you ever suffer extreme damage from flooding, there is hope. Click here for more information about living through flood damage.

Can You Remodel At The Same Time As Getting Water Damage Repaired?

7 March 2016
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When a pipe leaks or an outdoor water source overflows and floods your home, you have water damage to repair. Perhaps -- well before you had water damage -- you had considered remodeling the bathroom, the basement, or whichever room was flooded. Is there a way to combine the water damage restoration and a remodeling project?

Dry It Out First and Assess Later

The first and most crucial step to managing water damage is to get it dried out. Water restoration experts have pumps, fans, blowers and other large equipment that can help to quickly remove water and dry the remaining surface. This gives you the most options in the future, whether you decide to simply restore what you had or incorporate some additional renovations. 

Talk to Your Insurance Company

The faster you can get an insurance agent out to begin the process of assessing the damage, the better off you'll be. There are some steps you need to take to make your experience with the insurance adjuster as fair as possible, including:

  • Keep good documentation. Take photos and videos that show the damage to every part of your home, including furnishings, walls, floors and flooring. 
  • Do what you can to prevent additional damage, but don't clean up so much that the insurance adjuster can't easily see the extent of the issue.
  • Talk to a public adjuster. These people work for you and help negotiate with your insurance company. Involving a public adjuster at the outset of your problem can help you avoid stress and get your questions answered.

In the end, your goal is get reimbursed for the damage and use the check from the insurance company to finance a remodel. There's nothing underhanded about this; you'll need to have some restoration done regardless, and you may as well have it done with new fixtures or changes to the room that you've been considering.

Extent of the Damage

If the damage to your home was extensive, such as in a hurricane or other major storm or flooding event, you may have no choice but to strip virtually everything from your home and start over. In cases where most of your neighbors or a very large area was hit, insurance companies can take some time to assess the damage and release funds for restoration. This can mean you'll have to find temporary housing for weeks or months, but you will have some time to plan a remodel and find and schedule a certified restoration contractor who can make your project come to life. 

Think about Replacement Vs. Restoration

It's possible to get architectural details like baseboards, windows and doors completely restored by a professional. For the same price, you can often get new materials that are more durable and may be more energy-efficient. It may make more sense to get new fixtures as part of a remodel of the affected part of your house. 

Hire a General Contractor

If you have had significant damage and you'll need to have several types of professionals -- drywall, flooring, plumbing -- come in to do repairs or replacement, you might consider hiring a general remodeling contractor who can manage the entire project. This can help ensure you get the remodeling work you wanted and the proper restoration you need. Click here for more information about water damage restoration services.

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