4 Foundation Problems That Cause Your Basement To Leak And Water Damage

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4 Foundation Problems That Cause Your Basement To Leak And Water Damage

27 June 2018
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Foundation problems often cause more than just structural issues; some issues lead to leaks and serious water damage in your home. You may have to deal with water damage renovation and foundation repairs if there is a problem with your home. Here are some of the foundation problems that could lead to water damage in your space. 

1.  Failing Foundation Drain Tiles That Cause Leaks

The drainage system of your foundation has drain tiles, which are a type of perforated pipe that allows ground water to drain away. In older homes, the drain tiles are often made from clay terracotta materials, which can easily fail or collapse. Other modern materials can also be subject to failure, which leads to foundation leaks and water damage in your home. You want to ensure that your landscaping and foundation both have good drainage to prevent serious damage to your home and costly repairs.

2. Static Pressure From Groundwater Cracking Foundation

Static water pressure is another problem that you will have to deal with, which causes serious foundation problems. The pressure can cause cracking, waterproofing failure, and structural damage. To reduce static water pressure outside your home, it is important to have a good watershed design that allows runoff from heavy rains to drain away from the foundation. If watershed problems affect your landscaping, consider installing buried storm drainage systems for a permanent solution to the problem. 

3. Outdated Waterproofing Failing, Causing Leaks And Erosion

Another problem that you will have to deal with is waterproofing failing, which is due to issues like old outdated sealants and poor foundation drainage. First, you will want to have the waterproofing inspected to ensure it has not failed and is the source of your problems. In addition, check that drainage outside your home and for the foundation is draining properly with no blockages causing water to back up into your home.

4. Erosion Causing Structural Failure And Problems With Water In The Basement

The soil, gravel and bedrock beneath your home is what the structure rests on. With poor drainage, these materials can erode, causing problems like settling and structural damage. To correct these problems, techniques like soil grouting and foundation underpinning are used. In addition to repairs to correct the problems, improvements will also be made to prevent future damage from issues like poor drainage.

These are some of the foundation problems that can lead to leaks and cause water damage. If your foundation is damaged, contact a contractor for help with foundation repair services.

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