Water Damage Repair And Restoration Myths

Should you ever suffer extreme damage from flooding, there is hope. Click here for more information about living through flood damage.

Water Damage Repair And Restoration Myths

30 May 2019
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When a home suffers damage from flooding, it can put the owner in a stressful situation as they will need to respond quickly to this damage to prevent it from being worse than necessary. Being prepared for when you are faced with this serious problem will help you to respond as quickly as possible to your home's flood damage. Here are some common myths about cleaning up after a flood.

Myth: You Only Need To Dry The Surfaces That Got Wet

A common misconception about water damage restoration services is that they do little more than simply dry the surfaces that got wet. While it is imperative to ensure that the surface is thoroughly dried, it is also important to be aware of the fact that the water that has soaked deep below the surface will also need to be addressed. Otherwise, rot and mold can start to develop below the surface where it can be more much difficult to repair. It may not seem like moisture in these areas will be easily reached, but a water damage restoration service will have tools that can pull the water out from deep below the surfaces that were exposed to the flooding.

Myth: It Will Always Take Many Days To Schedule A Water Damage Restoration Service

Being able to act quickly to repair the water damage is the single most important step for preventing it from causing worse damage than necessary. In response to this reality of water damage, many restoration services will provide rapid response to client requests for repairs. In many instances, water damage restoration services may be able to be scheduled to visit your home within a day or two of the event. In situations where the flooding caused widespread damage to the community, these restoration services can become strained to fulfill all of the requests for their workers. By scheduling an appointment as soon as you realize that your property has suffered water damage, you can avoid the delays that can follow extensive local flooding events.

Myth: HVAC Ducting Is Not Vulnerable To Water Damage Because It Is Made Of Metal

The HVAC ducting can be a part of the home that is highly vulnerable to damage from flooding, but homeowners will often overlook these ducts. Water can become trapped in ducting where it can lead to air quality problems due to bacteria growing in the water. Additionally, this moisture can corrode the metal ducting, and it may even be able to slow air flowing through the ducts. Homes that have floor air vents likely have extensive ducting under their floors, which can further increase the risks of flood damage ravaging the house.

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