Have Water Damage In Your Home? Make Sure You Do The Following 6 Things

Should you ever suffer extreme damage from flooding, there is hope. Click here for more information about living through flood damage.

Have Water Damage In Your Home? Make Sure You Do The Following 6 Things

21 February 2020
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Dealing with water damage in a home can be an extremely frustrating situation to recover from. Thankfully, these tips will help you get through it.

Shut Down the Power

One of the biggest dangers of dealing with water damage is the risk of electrocution. That is why you must find a way to safely turn off the water before dealing with any type of damage control. It is not worth running the risk of being electrocuted if you cannot shut down the power to your home. 

Stop the Water From Getting In

You need to stop the water from getting into your home, or else it is going to get a lot worse. If it is from a burst plumbing pipe, you need to figure out how to shut off the water to prevent more water from coming in. If it is from storm damage to your roof, you need to get that roof covered with a tarp to prevent the storm from causing more damage. 

Contact a Professional

The next thing you want to do is contact a water damage restoration company. If you have water in your home from a recent storm, chances are other people will as well. Get in touch with a professional quickly so that your home restoration is not delayed. The faster that you act the faster your home will be restored. 

Take Photographs of the Damage

You will likely be using home insurance to pay for the damages caused to your home. You should take plenty of pictures of the damage in its current state so that the insurance company knows what they are dealing with. The photos will also prevent any doubt being cast on what was damaged by the water. 

Remove Water-Damaged Valuables

If there is anything damaged from the water that has a value to it, you will want to remove it from the water as soon as possible. The best chance at saving something from water damage is to get it dry, not let it continue to soak in water. Take the items outside if possible and let them dry under the sun and the wind. 

Avoid Making Things Worse

Do not attempt to soak up water from items by using old newspaper. It may seem like a cheap and practical idea, but all of that newspaper ink will transfer off the paper when it gets wet. You also want to use the right kind of vacuum if you start removing water from the space. 

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