Unfinished Crawl Spaces May Let In Termites: But Waterproofing Can Keep Them Out

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Unfinished Crawl Spaces May Let In Termites: But Waterproofing Can Keep Them Out

24 June 2020
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Many homes with crawl spaces are not properly waterproofed, a problem that may lead to unexpected issues. For example, termites may invade a home through an unfinished crawl space and cause a homeowner a lot of trouble. As a result, it is a good idea for those in this situation to seek out a professional who can waterproof a crawl space and make sure that it is protected against termites.

Poor Crawl Space Water Management May Lead to Termite Invasions

Homeowners who don't take care of the water level in their unfinished crawl spaces are basically giving termites a welcome mat to invade their home. This problem occurs because termites often seek out areas that are dark and damp because they like to have a water source nearby. And as a crawl space is likely to have a lot of wood in it, there's a good chance that they are going to flock here.

Therefore, it is critical for those in this situation to find a way to manage their humidity. If finishing up a crawl space is not in the works, it may be necessary to consider the benefits of crawl space waterproofing. This process is one that provides a large number of benefits, including making a termite invasion in a home much less of a possibility, protecting a house from real damage issues.

How Crawl Space Waterproofing Helps

Waterproofing a crawl space consists of identifying potential areas where water may invade a home and taking steps to seal them. These steps often include examining the structure of the crawl space, finding cracks that may worsen, adding new materials that help to keep these areas as strong as possible, and then using plastic or another sealant to fully encapsulate the crawl space in a protective manner.

Typically, this process is one that can last for a long time when it is properly implemented – some may get many years out of their waterproofing. Updates to the crawl space waterproofing help to ensure that it stays dry and keeps out termites for good. Even better, many crawl space waterproofing techniques also work to provide stronger exterior and interior materials in a crawl space, making pest invasion much harder to accomplish.

As a result, anybody who owns a home with a crawl space should seriously consider the benefits of integrating waterproofing into their home. It is particularly beneficial for those with a home that is made heavily or entirely of wood. Speak with a company like Central Penn Waterproofing for more information.

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