Should you ever suffer extreme damage from flooding, there is hope. Click here for more information about living through flood damage.

Water Damage Repair And Restoration Myths

30 May 2019
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When a home suffers damage from flooding, it can put the owner in a stressful situation as they will need to respond quickly to this damage to prevent it from being worse than necessary. Being prepared for when you are faced with this serious problem will help you to respond as quickly as possible to your home's flood damage. Here are some common myths about cleaning up after a flood. Read More …

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Living Through Flood Damage

Hello. My name is Jessica Evans. My husband and I have two young children. Last spring our home suffered horrible flood damage from storms. The water got into our house from the foundation and numerous roof leaks. I honestly thought we had lost our house. Fortunately, we found an amazing damage contractor. Our contractor knew all the right people who could repair the damages to our home. We had to have work done on our foundation, basement, floors, walls, and roof. I want to share more about how we got through this rough time. Should you ever suffer extreme damage from flooding, I want you to know that there is hope. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you find it to be helpful.